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  • Simulations, Chance and Data
    Simulations, Chance and Data
    A 60 page book with notes and handouts to guide through simulations showing that situations don’t always come out as expected. Can we predict male/female compositions in families? How many winning streaks can you expect when playing against a person of equal ability? How many packets of tea do you need to purchase in order to collect 6 jigsaw pieces? What floor will people get off from an elevator? Do lie detectors really work? What is the Monty Hall dilemma? Do we need to worry about radioactive decay? What are the chances of having the same birth date as another in a room? How fast can an infectious disease spread? Can we predict lambing rates on a farm? What are the chances of not getting on the plane on your next flight?
  • Silhouettes
    What will be the odds? What does it mean when you read that heart attacks kill 1 in 5 people or that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer? What does it look like when taken in context to a population? If taking a particular medicine improves the odds by 20%, how many will now survive? There are 4 pages in this document which give 200, 500, 1000 and 10,000 people silhouettes. They can be used in statistics exercises or by consultants to help illustrate what it actually looks like when given the odds.