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The New Zealand Centre of Mathematics

At the NZ Centre of Mathematics, we are passionate about mathematics and mathematics learning. This site is the access point for online mathematics support material to: parents, students, teachers and university lecturers. Here you will find: learning videos, preschool mathematics, primary mathematics, secondary school mathematics, NCEA practice material, mathematics for business and mathematics for vocational examinations and university. All of the mathematics on this site is free of charge to download or watch.

Individual videos and topic pages cover the mathematics found in: algebra, complex numbers, differentiation, finance, functions, graphs, geometry, integration, mechanics, NCEA mathematics, numeracy skills, sequences and series, statistics, trigonometry, vectors and vocational mathematics. There are also specific videos and work on fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, rules of arithmetic, roots and surds.

Each month new material will be introduced with new videos, teach yourself booklets, free mathematics textbooks, mathematical calculators, maths homework sheets, school examinations, puzzles and graph paper. All the material on the Maths Centre website will always be free to watch or download.

Remember to join our mailing list. Each month you will receive an email which will detail the new material being introduced. Over the next year you will see a definite roll out of high quality and exciting mathematics that is both topical and relevant to New Zealand. Mathematics is at the core of all daily life, technology advances and development. Education is the key to a better future for our young learners and our country. Teachers who receive this high quality classroom mathematics resource material will have more time to spend with individual students. The students who have access to this site will be better informed and will approach future examinations and careers with more confidence. This must be of benefit to the students, to the school and to the community at large.

We welcome feedback from all users. Always remember to note those companies that have sponsored each download. Companies that sponsor the delivery of quality free educational material must be placed in high regard and generously supported.