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Maths Centre

At the NZ Centre of Mathematics, we are passionate about mathematics and mathematics learning. This site is the access point for online mathematics support material to parents, students, teachers, vocational and university lecturers. All the mathematics on this site is free of charge to download.

The key to a better future

Mathematics is at the core of all daily life, technology advances and development. Education is the key to a better future for our young learners and our country. Teachers who receive this high-quality classroom mathematics resource material will have more time to spend with individual students. The students who have access to this site will be better informed and will approach future examinations and careers with more confidence. This must be of benefit to the students, to the school and to the community at large.

Popular downloads

  • Mighty Maths: The Whizz Kids Worksheets
    Mighty Maths: The Whizz Kids Worksheets
    Mighty Maths is a structured series of workbooks written by New Zealand's premier mathematics author Kim Freeman. This is the first book in the Mighty Maths series for 9 - 12 year olds. Inside this book there are 30 pages of basic number work. Students should try and complete one sheet per session then plot their progress on the graph at the back of the book. The pages are fun and reinforce and supplement what is being covered at school.
  • The Algebra Project
    The Algebra Project
    This 48 page booklet contains all the Algebra needed for Year 11 from Achieve (simplifying, expanding, substitution and solving) to Merit (simultaneous equations, factoring harder quadratics) to Excellence (quadratic sequences and complex equations). There are pages of drill and pages of examination questions. Can also be used for advanced Year 10 or Year 9.
  • Mighty Maths Working With Numbers
    Mighty Maths Working With Numbers
    This is the second book in the 9-12 year old series. It is primarily concerned with number work to help students develop a better understanding of and skill with numbers. After working through these fun pages, students will have gained in confidence in both mental arithmetic and the use of a calculator.
  • Mighty Maths Numeracy Project
    Mighty Maths Numeracy Project
    A collection of worksheets that help students become more aware of numbers and how they are related. There are little tricks to help make numeracy more interesting and fun such as addition pyramids, number hunts, methods of multiplication, beautiful numbers, adding over the tens, adding in parts, number bonds, partitioning, Fibonacci minutes, division tips, 24 challenge, four 4s and consecutive numbers.
  • Grand Designs and Structures
    Grand Designs and Structures
    This 80 page booklet features line designs, fun with circles, impossible pictures and nets for some very interesting solids. There are lots of ideas on how to arrange your art to form some really grand designs. Don't just photocopy the pages to make a small model. They are there to give you ideas on how to make each shape, so expand your mind and create some really grand structures. With the pages in this book, your maths classroom is about to be transformed from a blank canvas to a visual symphony!