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  • Year 9 Math Homework
    Year 9 Math Homework
    This collection contains 40 weeks of 4 page homework sheets. Topics are introduced and revisited over the year. This involves mathematical processes such as problem solving, reasoning and communicating mathematical ideas. Topics include numeracy strategies, understanding numbers, confidence in calculating and the ability to estimate and approximate; recognising algebra patterns, thinking abstractly and communicating mathematical relationships; developing knowledge and understanding measurement systems with and without instruments, spatial awareness and using models as aids to solving practical geometry problems; collecting, organising, analysing, presenting and interpreting data; finding the probability of everyday events.
  • Year 9 Homework Answers
    Year 9 Homework Answers
    All the answers to the Year 9 homework sheets
  • Year 10 Math Homework
    Year 10 Math Homework
    As with the Year 9 math homework sheets this set contains 40 weeks of 4 pages for homework or general class use. The sheets constantly revisit topics with a lot of the work presented in practical and real life situations. Students may have never visited the Pantheon in Rome but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some mathematical applications derived from this famous landmark, analyse data taken of Rooibus tea, a doctors appointment book or maths questions from the Prime Minister. When should you return to work after a hit on the head? mathematics around a garage, drawing and interpreting parabolas and expanding two sets of expressions in brackets. Everything you need for Year 10 maths is included in these sheets.
  • Year 10 Homework Answers
    Year 10 Homework Answers
    All the answers to the Year 10 homework sheets