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  • Mighty Maths: The Whizz Kids Worksheets
    Mighty Maths: The Whizz Kids Worksheets
    Mighty Maths is a structured series of workbooks written by New Zealand's premier mathematics author Kim Freeman. This is the first book in the Mighty Maths series for 9 - 12 year olds. Inside this book there are 30 pages of basic number work. Students should try and complete one sheet per session then plot their progress on the graph at the back of the book. The pages are fun and reinforce and supplement what is being covered at school.
  • Mighty Maths Working With Numbers
    Mighty Maths Working With Numbers
    This is the second book in the 9-12 year old series. It is primarily concerned with number work to help students develop a better understanding of and skill with numbers. After working through these fun pages, students will have gained in confidence in both mental arithmetic and the use of a calculator.
  • Mighty Maths Stepping Up to Harder Numbers
    Mighty Maths Stepping Up to Harder Numbers
    This is the third book in the 9-12 year old series which covers all strands of the NZ Mathematics Curriculum. This particular book is primarily concerned with exercises on fractions, percentages, decimals, squares and square roots. The book is essential in nurturing further confidence and understanding in computational methods. All the sheets are designed to encourage a continued and creative interest in Mathematics.
  • Mighty Maths Numeracy Project
    Mighty Maths Numeracy Project
    A collection of worksheets that help students become more aware of numbers and how they are related. There are little tricks to help make numeracy more interesting and fun such as addition pyramids, number hunts, methods of multiplication, beautiful numbers, adding over the tens, adding in parts, number bonds, partitioning, Fibonacci minutes, division tips, 24 challenge, four 4s and consecutive numbers.
  • Time To Achieve With Mathematics
    Time To Achieve With Mathematics
    Time to Achieve with Mathematics is PART 1 of the Mighty Maths for 9-12 year olds series. The whole series is designed to support the Mathematics Curriculum, supplement school lessons and help students develop faster in mathematics. All the work needed for 9-12 year olds is covered in these two books. You can be confident that you are covering all the material when you use Mighty Maths.
  • Time to Achieve - Answers
    Time to Achieve - Answers
  • Time To Succeed With Mathematics
    Time To Succeed With Mathematics
    Mighty Maths is a structured series of workbooks written by New Zealand's premier mathematics author Kim Freeman. Time to Succeed with Mathematics is the second book in the series for 9 - 12 year olds. After working through these fun pages, students will gain more confidence in mathematics which will then help them better prepare for Secondary School classes.
  • Time To Succeed - Answers
    Time To Succeed - Answers
  • Grand Designs and Structures
    Grand Designs and Structures
    This 80 page booklet features line designs, fun with circles, impossible pictures and nets for some very interesting solids. There are lots of ideas on how to arrange your art to form some really grand designs. Don't just photocopy the pages to make a small model. They are there to give you ideas on how to make each shape, so expand your mind and create some really grand structures. With the pages in this book, your maths classroom is about to be transformed from a blank canvas to a visual symphony!
  • Integers
    What is an integer? ordering of integers, adding and subtracting integers and integer multiplication and division. All the work is placed into context with many real life examples of how we use integers and integer arithmetic in calculating temperatures, business surpluses and deficits, bank account balances and golf scores.
  • The Number Factory
    The Number Factory
    Teacher notes and 3 sets of templates to photocopy for classes. "I Know Your Number" is fun activity that students cut out and show to their friends and family to "guess" their number. "Five Card Addition" is also a lot of fun. By turning their back and only been given the colour of the cards a student can correctly guess the total. This is a good introduction to BEMA (order of operations). "The Mind Reader" has students performing additions for totals up to 63. as they correctly "guess" a friend's number. Provides good numeracy strategies such as making 10s and adding in parts.
  • The Pasta Factory
    The Pasta Factory
    In this exercise students get to learn about prime numbers and why they are necessary. The lesson revolves around a Pasta Company that relies on machines to stretch the pasta to different lengths between 1 and 100 for its customers. Some of the machines break down and the staff at the Pasta Company have to come up with a solution of providing different pasta lengths even if a particular machine is not working. The lesson contains teacher notes and a student hand out.
  • Numeracy Booklet 1
    Numeracy Booklet 1
    This booklet contains nearly 80 worksheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All the answers are also supplied. The sheets can be used for exclusive numeracy and arithmetic sessions, to start off a maths lesson or given as supplementary sheets or homework.
  • Numeracy Booklet 2
    Numeracy Booklet 2
    This is part 2 of the Numeracy Booklet. It contains 60 more worksheets along with the answers to topics such as Co-ordinates, Decimals, Fractions, and Percentages and Time. As with the first booklet they can be used to start lessons, especially if the topic has been recently taught or they could be used as homework sheets to help reinforce past work.
  • Arithmetic - Rules
    Arithmetic - Rules
    If a mathematical expression is complicated, it may not be clear which part of it should be evaluated first, and so some rules have been established. There are also rules for calculating with negative numbers. This video and PDF cover the rules of precedence, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing negative numbers.
  • Decimals
    This video and accompanying PDF looks at decimals, and how they are related to fractions. It covers multiplying and dividing by 10, rounding to given numbers of decimal places or significant figures and finally looks at irrational numbers.
  • Fractions - The Basics
    Fractions - The Basics
    What are fractions? What do fractions look like? What are equivalent fractions? What are the different types of fractions? This video and accompanying PDF explores all these concepts.
  • Fractions  - Add & Subtract
    Fractions - Add & Subtract
    This PDF and accompanying video shows how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominators, different denominators and with mixed fractions.
  • Fractions - Multiply and Divide
    Fractions - Multiply and Divide
    This is a dual PDF and video which shows how to multiply fractions and how to divide fractions by turning the second fraction upside down.
  • Percentages
    In this unit we shall look at the meaning of percentages and carry out calculations involving percentages. It covers finding percentages, finding the original before a percentage change, expressing a change as a percentage increase or decrease. It also looks at the use of the percentage button on calculators.
  • Ratios
    A ratio is a way of comparing two or more similar quantities, by writing two or more numbers separated by colons. The numbers should be whole numbers, and should not include units. Watch the to see how to approach ratio problems then download the PDF for extra work.